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Aggressively defending yourself against criminal charges should be the plan in every case. If you're going to enter a plea deal, it should be to benefit you not to lighten the workload on the prosecutor. Trials are a part of defense work because "minor" criminal offenses do not exist. Whether it is something as incidental as a DWI or possession of a joint, the wheels of the criminal justice system spin slowly, and crush those whom they catch. In addition to the legion of costs associated with even a small misdemeanor offense, all criminal offenses make it harder to find a job, harder to obtain professional licenses, and harder to maintain existing employment. You must fight these offenses, no matter what your odds of success. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney is essential to negotiating the best outcome possible or litigating the case if necessary.

Did the Crime? Try to skip the time.

Far too often people charged with minor offenses elect to proceed without an attorney because they believe themselves to be guilty without having first consulted an attorney. The Constitution presents a wide variety of procedural complexities with which the police must comply. Lay persons, no matter how well educated, are ill-equipped to make a determination of their culpability without having first consulted with counsel.

You are constitutionally entitled to an attorney. Use one.

We are taught as children that the police are our friends. The police, no matter how well-meaning generally, are not your friends. It is their job to arrest and convict those who are believed to have committed crimes. The police are not interested in your side of the story. The police are not interested in defending you. The police are interested in closing cases and ensuring convictions. Nothing more.

You are constitutionally entitled to remain silent. Do so.

Denton Texas Criminal Defense

    DWIs are among the most technical of criminal offenses. If the officer did not complete each step correctly then the end result, your arrest, may be invalid.  DWIs are also the source of much confusion about the law and about what to do when charged. Getting help is essential. If quick action is not taken your driver’s license will be suspended. Your arrest record could show the DWI forever and employment, immigration status, and security clearances may all be affected. If there is a conviction, large surcharges will be required to be paid to keep your license for three years. Fines and court costs can be substantial and jail time is possible.

      Juries can, and often DO, assess a less punitive sentence than the State is willing to offer via plea bargaining. If your first offense is a DWI, you should force the State to trial.


    Felonies are the most serious of crimes. Prison time ranges from six months (best case for minor felony) to 99 years or life. Probation may be possible for some defendants. Permanent loss of rights (own firearm, vote, hold certain political office) will result from a conviction.

     Have a felony pending? There's hope. A large number of discretionary choices go in to filing a felony case. The early you retain a lawyer the better the result can be. Hiring local lawyers, ones who know the key behind-the-scenes players, is important to getting an optimal result. 


Crimes that are punishable by a sentence in the county jail or fine only are misdemeanors. Sentences of up to one year (0 - 365 days) are possible with fines up to $4,000 (statutory fines run from $0.00 to $4,000.00). There are many options to try to keep the offense off your record, some that may result in outright dismissal. Expungment may be available afterward.

      Probation is HARD. Violating any one single term or condition can send you right back to jail or prison. There are many options available including withdrawal of the motion to revoke, changing the conditions, jail time as a condition of withdrawing the motion, or additional community service and fines. DO YOUR PART and keep good records of compliance. Often the probation officer is overworked and can overlook your compliance. Keeping copies of all your compliance with conditions of probation is a great way to defeat a motion to revoke.

       Can the $2 roadside drug "test" the police department used to justify your arrest tell the difference between chimeric substances? No, generally it can't. When accused of possession: refuse consent, say nothing. Roadside drug tests can't tell the difference between L-isomer amphetamine (example: ADHD meds) and D-isomer amphetamine (the illegal kind) because the substances are a chimeric mirror of each other. That is just one of MANY technical details that go into defending a narcotics case. There are many others. and many options in handling drug possession cases. A conviction brings a driver’s license suspension and a record that may affect one’s life forever. From marijuana possession to distribution, they are serious and need immediate attention to get the best results. Motions to suppress based on violations of the constitution are often successful and a good tool to defend you from a conviction.

Please note, ALL criminal cases are capable of causing immigration consequences. The Firm does not give advise on immigration issues relating to criminal convictions. 

We also assist in cases involving:

  • HOMICIDE OFFENSES (Capital Murder, Murder, Manslaughter)


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